Psychiatric Hospitals:

You may choose to place your child in a psychiatric hospital on a short-term basis to address acute needs.  This is a medical service, paid for by family insurance or other outside source, not public school funds.

Residential Placement by the Schools:

Some students with mental health needs will require placement out of the home into a residential facility in order to benefit from their special education program. This is a decision that is made by the IEP Team, including the parents.  A Residential Placement Assessment may be completed to assist the team in making the decision about placement.  If a student is placed in a residential facility by the IEP Team, there will be no cost to the family. All costs will be paid by the school district.  The SELPA employs Program Specialist Residential Placement Consultants who will monitor the placement in the facility and ensure that the program is meeting the student's needs, and facilitating the student's return home as soon as possible.

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