There are many local public and private agencies dedicated to providing services and supports to adults with disabilities.  As a Special Education Case Manager, it is your responsibility to be familiar with any agencies which may be approriate for the students you serve. All high school Special Education teachers should attend a transition fair every year or so, or attend a Ventura County SELPA Transition Network Team (TNT) Mini Fair to be familiar with everything your students may benefit from.

At the time of the IEP, you are required to invite any transition agencies for whom the parents/adult student have given permission to attend.  For the freshman year, it is acceptable to indicate "too early to determine"; but at each IEP after that the question must be asked which agencies the student/family want to attend for the next meeting.  If they indicate "invite" on the Transitioning from Public Schools to Adult Agencies page, then it is your responsibility to invite someone from that agency to the next IEP. 

Here is the padlet of many local agencies available to serve our students as they enter adult life- feel free to share these links with your students and their families in the appropriate language:

Transition Fair Agency Directory (English) and Transition Fair Agency Directory (Spanish) anytime.

Adult Services Directory  in Hard Copy- 2018