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The Ventura County SELPA is dedicated to providing information and support to families of children with special needs so that they can be informed partners in the educational process of their children.  There are numerous activities and resources that are provided to fulfill that mission.  These include:

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) - The Ventura County SELPA has a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that facilitates communication between districts and families, has regular meetings to discuss issues with SELPA leadership, and provides parent trainings on topics such as the IEP process, behavior strategies, life after high school and social skills.
FREE Programs Available for Students with Disabilities

Resolving Disagreements
     Alternative Dispute Resolution

Information Alerts for Parents 
Parent-to-Parent Support
2022-2023 Parent Information Flyer
Parent Rights for Special Education

Bullying Prevention Resource Guide
Ability Awareness - Contact SELPA for additional information at this time. 

Upcoming Events for Parents

22-23 Parent Support Series

Autism Conference: Improving Social Outcomes for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
September 14, 21 & 28, 2022

Coffee Chat with Jeanine
September 15, 2022

Walking the Path: Tools to Help You Walk the Path
October 22, 2022

Fall Transition Fair
November 15, 2023

Coffee Chat with Jeanine
November 17, 2022

Spring Transition Fair - Save the Date
March 23, 2024

Carpe Diem
March 9, 2023




Resolving Disagreements

On occasion, parents and the school district may have disagreements.  Special education law provides specific steps for resolving those conflicts.  It is always a good idea to try to resolve things at the lowest level possible.  If you haven't spoken to the Special Education Director in your district, you are encouraged to give them a call to express your concerns (phone list).  If there is a disagreement between a parent and the district on what is best for the child (usually at the IEP Team level) either party may file for Due Process.  Due Process is a system for increasing levels of intervention in resolving the conflict.  Please visit the Office of Administrative Hearings website to download the Mediation or Due Process form.  Also available from the Office of Administrative Hearings is a Free/Reduced Cost Special Education Attorney Advocate List.



Solving Special Education Disputes Between Parents and School Districts

If a parent feels his or her rights or the rights of their child have been violated by the district or an employee of the district, the parent has a right to file a complaint.  A complaint may be filed with the District Complaint Resolution Office.  If not resolved, or if the parent chooses not to file the complaint with the district, a complaint can be filed directly with the California Department of Education using this form. 

Complaint Process Brochure
Request for Complaint Investigation
Helpful Hints When Requesting Direct State Intervention



Parent-to-Parent Support

Rainbow Support Groups

United Parents - Educational Advocacy, Parent Partners, Respite Services

California Parent Organizations