In order to be successful in school, your child may need support from a clinical therapist who can provide intensive, long-term services such as social work, group or individual counseling. Intensive counseling is called Educationally Related Social Emotional Services (ERSES).

The decision about whether your child needs ERSES will be based on a thorough social/emotional assessment, including input from a clinical therapist. The assessment may include a mental health diagnosis. If, based on the results of the assessment, the IEP team agrees that ERSES are necessary, your child will be assigned an Intensive School-Based Therapist. 

It is the goal that your child will develop a long-term, trusting relationship with the therapist, and together they can work on the challenges your child faces.  In addition to individual and/or group counseling, the therapist will  provide Social Work services to connect the school team with you and your family.  This will help everyone to coordinate interventions and supports to best help your child.

There will be IEP goal(s) written for your child which address their social/emotional needs to be addressed with ERSES services.  You will receive progress reports on the goal(s) at the same intervals as all other IEP goals.  The ERSES therapist will work closely with your child's Special Education Case Manager regarding their participation and progress in the ERSES services.