Some students with disabilities, due to psychiatric or other factors, display serious social/emotional issues that require extra supports in order to access their educational program.  These students may be in special education classes for all or part of the day, and receive other special education services as well.

The Ventura County SELPA has a well articulated continuum of options available for students with social/emotional needs.  It is the goal of the SELPA to provide services to address these needs as early as possible in the least intrusive way.  We believe if students have the appropriate supports provided when they are needed, we can avoid deeper problems requiring more intrusive interventions later on.  It is always the goal to keep all of our students in their home community, living with their families, if at all possible.

Social/Emotional Continuum

Matrix of Educationally Related Social Emotional Service Options


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Placement Prevention Options

Collaborative Educational Services (COEDS) is an in-home program that works with students and their families in home and/or community settings.  The IEP team can refer to the COEDS program if it is believed that additional supports at home will assist the child in remaining at home and accessing his or her education.  If the IEP team refers to COEDS, the program will be paid for by the school system. 

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Psychiatric Hospitalization

Some students may be placed by the family in a psychiatric hospital on a short-term basis to address acute needs.  This is a medical service, paid for by family insurance or other outside source, not public school funds.

Residential Placement

Some students with mental health needs will require placement out of the home into a residential facility in order to benefit from their special education program. This is a decision that is made by the IEP Team, including the parents.  A residential assessment may be completed to assist the team in making the correct placement decision.  If a student is placed in a residential placement by the IEP Team, there will be no cost to the family.  All costs will be paid by the school district.

Fact Sheet About Residential Care Options for Families

Residency and Responsibility Chart
Unilateral Parent Placement into Residential