The Assistive Technology Assessment Center (ATAC) is a state-of-the-art service provided by the Ventura County SELPA at no charge to our local school districts. The ATAC team provides assistive technology assessments, focusing on access to curriculum and augmentative/alternative communication; training on specific equipment and techniques; and workshops on a wide variety of assistive technology topics to the students, families and educators of Ventura County SELPA.  

Requests for an assessment by ATAC must be generated by the school district.  ATAC referrals require a signed Assessment Plan. Please contact members of the ATAC Team, before generating an Assessment Plan, to discuss the student's needs and to reserve a date and time.




 Kelly Cox
(805) 437-1575
(805) 437-1599 FAX
Augmentative/Alternative Communication


Katie Connelly
(805) 437-1575
(805) 437-1599 FAX
Augmentative/Alternative Communication  


Angel Dominguez
(805) 437-1575
(805) 437-1599 (Fax)
Augmentative/Alternative Communication



Assitive Technology can be sorted into two main categories:Free vector students working on computer laptops

enlightened #2 Augmentative, Alternative Communication (AAC)- includes devices and other supports that enable the student to communicate with others.  Includes things such as Dynavox, Touch Talker, etc.


 enlightened #1 Assistive Technology (AT) for access to curriculum resources- includes software and other supports that enable the student to participate in reading, writing and math.  Includes things such as word prediction or word processing software.


Free open-source AAC app receives AI for Accessibility grant from Microsoft  - AT Today - …




AAC- Communication Resources

Communication Success Screening
- AAC Screening Tool

Core Word Resources
 - My Tobii Dynavox (must create FREE account)
 - Saltillo Chat Corner
 - AAC and Autism
 - Assitiveware Core Word Classroom (must create FREE account)

Evidence Based Research:

AAC and Speech Production
 - Use of Speech-Generative Devices: In support of Natural Speech
 - Effects of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention on Speech Production in Children with Autism: A systematic Review
 - The Impact of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Intervention on the Speech Production of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities:
A Research Review

Aided Language Input
 - AAC Modeling Intervention Research Review
 - Facilitating Vocabulary in Toddlers Using AAC: A Preliminary Study Comparing Focused Stimulation and Augmented Input
 - The Effect of Aided Language Stimulation on Vocabulary Acquisition in Children with Little or No Functional Speech
 - The Impact of Aided Language Stimulation on Symbol Comprehension and Production in Children with Moderate Cognitive Disabilities

Core Vocabulary
 - Core Vocabulary Determination for Toddlers
 - Vocabulary-Use Patterns in Preschool Children: Effects of Context and Time Sampling
 - Words needed for Sharing a Story: Implications for Vocabulary Selection in AAC
 - Vocabulary Selection in AAC: Application of Core Vocabulary in Atypical Populations
 - Crews, Wusses, and Whoppas: Core and Fringe Vocabularies of Australian Meal-Break Conversations in the Workplace

Online Trainings and Webinars
 - AAC Institute
 - PaTTAN:Power AAC
 - Special Education Technology Center Recorded Webinars
 - Ability Tools AT Training Library

More Websites
 - Glenda's Assistive Technology Information and More
 - Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs
 - PrAACtical AAC
 - Project Core

Upcoming Events


 - Proloquo2Go
 - LAMP - Words for Life
 - GoTalkNow
 - TouchChat Quick Reference English/Spanish
 - TouchChat Backup Profiles English/Spanish



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