Ventura County Transition Project

Is a group of school, agency staff, and families that work together to improve the transition process for special education students.

Transition Project Overview

Transition Fairs- Save the Date / February 25, 2023 Flyer- Informational meetings provided for families and their teenagers to learn about the transition process and available resources.  The first hour of each fair is a presentation on the transition process in the IEP, and in the second hour families and students can visit individual "booths" from providers.  The fair is held twice a year on a Saturday once in the Fall and again in the Spring.


Transition Networking Teams (TNT)- 22-23 Event Flyer-These are informal sharing and networking events, designed for WorkAbility Staff, SpEd Transition Teachers, Middle School, High School, and Post-Secondary Teachers, (M/M & M/S) Teachers to collaborate with colleagues educating in the new virtual world!

Teachers New to Transition Planning August 21, 2020
Transition in the Virtual World September 25, 2020
Diploma v Certificate November 20, 2020
New Transition Forms September 24, 2021


Vocational Program Overview

ITCC Meeting Schedule