Placement Prevention Options

There are various programs provided for youth and families to assist them in keeping their children at home.  COEDS is the program that is provided by school districts via the IEP process as appropriate.

Also, there are many other formal and informal services which may assist families in supporting their "at risk" youth.

Psychiatric Hospitalization

Some students may be placed by the family in a psychiatric hospital on a short-term basis to address acute needs.  This is a medical service, paid for by family insurance or other outside source, not public school funds.

Residential Placement

Some students with mental health needs will require placement out of the home into a residential facility in order to benefit from their special education program. This is a decision that is made by the IEP Team, including the parents.  A residential assessment may be completed to assist the team in making the correct placement decision.  If a student is placed in a residential placement by the IEP Team, there will be no cost to the family.  All costs will be paid by the school district.

Residency and Responsibility Chart
Unilateral Parent Placement into Residential