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Ventura County SELPA offers Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training from the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) to staff and parents in our county.  The care, welfare, safety, and security of everyone is the foundation of CPI.  Training includes preventative strategies, de-escalation skills, and communication skills to address disruptive and aggressive behaviors.

Ventura County SELPA and Non-Public Schools serving Ventura County SELPA students may only use emergency interventions implemented by CPI-certified personneI.   



The use of behavioral restraint must be avoided whenever possible and may be used only to control behavior that poses a clear and present danger of serious physical harm to a student or others that cannot be immediately prevented by a less restrictive response (Education Code 49005-49006.4) It should be used only as a safety measure of last resort.   Whenever a behavioral emergency occurs and emergency interventions are used, a Behavioral Emergency Report (BER) will immediately be completed and maintained in the student’s file and all Behavioral Emergency Reports shall be forwarded to and reviewed by, a designated responsible administrator.  Parent/guardian must be notified within one day of the incident and copies of Behavioral Emergency Reports must be sent within one school day to the LEA District Office, School Site and SELPA.

Behavior Emergency Report with Checklist



On January 1, 2019, Assembly Bill (AB) 2657, (Chapter 998, Statutes of 2018), added sections 49005–49006.4 to California’s Education Code regarding the use of restraint and seclusion for students receiving either general education or special education.  All school districts in the Ventura County SELPA  are required to collect and submit data regarding the use of mechanical restraint, physical restraint, and seclusion to the California Department of Education on a regular basis. For more information, go Calif. Department of Education Information about Restraint and Seclusion



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